Glamour Dolls Makeup Review

24 Oct 20141027-154745-56865206.jpg

Hey guys! It’s been awhile I know, but I’m here today to bring you a review of a new line of makeup that I’ve fallen in LOVE with!


A few months back I attended a fashion show with an old friend who happens to be apart of a new and upcoming cosmetic line called Glamour Dolls. I had the opportunity to meet the fabulous founder herself, Jessica Romano. Many of you may know her from the hit tv series Glam Fairy, from the Style Network. Well Jessica and her team have launched a line of great makeup that’s sure to have you looking amazing at a great, and affordable price.

Now when it comes to makeup I’m a girl who likes to be very subtle, but when I have those moments when I want to add pops of color this line is definitely the one I’ll forever go to. The range of versatility throughout this makeup is perfect for girls at either end of the spectrum ranging from barely there to va va voom!

Lip Creams- love these, gives the lip a nice matte finish, creamy application
Colors: Karma, Juicy Melons, Dolls Gone Wild


Gloss Snob- gives the lip a bold and shiny look, with a smooth application
Colors: Topless,Barbie Doll Pink , Zombie Kiss


Lip Gloss- typical lip gloss application but not sticky that’s a huge plus, super moisturizing
Colors: Wildflower, Naked Banana


The line also comes equipped with a great variety of glitter eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, and tinted lip balms as well.


Overall I can say I am an official fan of the Glamour Dolls line! I just about loved every single product I had the opportunity to try. I’d have to say my faves are: Zombie Kiss, Karma, and Naked Banana.

If you’d love to get your hand on these fab cosmetics visit their website at or you can find them in Joyce Leslie store near you! 💋

Vamp Up Your Wardrobe for the Summer

21 Jun

Happy 1st day of Summer!

Now that its finally here, vamp up your closet with these hot trends you’re bound to see this season.

1. Crop Tops – You’ve been working all winter just so you can look great for the summer… right? So why not show off that bare midriff!



2. Sheer Elements – Lets thank Alexander Wang for setting this trend. Look for clothing that has sheer elements within them, whether its in the sleeve, an over lay on a maxi skirt, or on the bottom of an over sized or long-lined tee.




3. Embellishments- Incorporate this look in a collar, maybe as an accent on a hat or purse even.


4. Floral Print Sportswear – Its like preppy florals meet the basketball court, the baseball diamond, and the hockey arena. Dress this look up with a sexy pair of pumps or down with a cute studded fitted cap or beanie.


These are just a few of my fav trends. Which ones will you be rocking this Summer?

DIY | No Sew Cardigan

10 Jun

Spring is coming to an end and Summer will be here in a few short weeks. Looking for quick and easy ways to spruce up your wardrobe? Check out this quick and easy DIY cardigan, best part about it… No sewing required!

Step 1: Find fabric, preferably a knit for stretch. Width wise any thing 60″+ works well. For the length, if you are looking for a short, just above the knee cardi, go for 26″ or if you’d prefer something long and dramatic maybe 41″ works best. Also you’ll need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.


Step 2: After making sure your fabric is 60″ across, fold it in half. Measure 6 inches in from the fold and make a mark, and measure 5.5″ or 6″ down from the top of the fabric, and make another mark. This is for where you are going to cut out your arm holes.



Step 3: At this time your marks should overlap or have a common center point. Find that center and cut a slit 8 inches long, then give it a nice tug and that’s it!

cardi 3 cardi 2 cardi 1
Be sure to pull on the raw edges of your fabric. This way the ends curl for a nice finish.

Style tip: Pair with a belt just around the waist for a nice gathered look.

BATOKO Blogger Giveaway Entry

22 May

Eyebrows are life! Every girls knows that. When the brows are off, then the look just isn’t complete. Come on ladies you know when you finally get your eyebrows done, whether you prefer waxing or threading, once you leave that salon you feel like a whole new person! Am I right or am I right?

In addition to that I found the cutest tee, the “It’s Not You, It’s Your Eyebrows” t-shirt can be found at The site is UK based so all prices are in GPB, but there is a currency converter so the USD price is $35.48


How to style this shirt? Good thing its a simple black and white screen print shirt, which means it can be styled a number of ways!

Look #1: (Compton Kid)  Eyebrows Shirt, Red and Black Lumber Jack Flannel tied at the Waist, Black Disco leggings, Black combat boots, Black leather vest or jacket, topped of with a black beanie

Look #2: (Urban Chic) Eyebrows Shirt, Acid wash boyfriend jeans, Open Toe heel w/ and ankle strap, topped of with a black floppy sun hat

Look #3: ( Free Spirit) Eyebrows Shirt, High Waist Denim Shorts, Fringed Cardi, Gladiator Sandals, Flower Crown

Have fun with this top! Dress it up, dress it down, its versatile and that what I love about it. I’d suggest wearing this top when you want to make or statement or if you secretly want to tell someone to get those brows in check. Haha!


Thanks for reading.



DIY Mirrored Collar

9 Jan

Hey guys, 

Today I’m back with my first DIY post! This one is about how I created this awesome collar, using some old CDs I found lying around my house. 



This is such a quick and easy DIY to do. It’ll be sure to bring some life back into those old button up shirts.

So the things I used for this DIY are: 

- Old button up shirt

- A container

- Glue

- Scissors

- 1-2 CDs depending on how much of the collar you want to cover

- A letter opener or a stick of some sort

First you’ll want to boil some water, then pour it into your container.

Then add the CDs in, letting them sit for 2-5 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the CDs with the stick and dry them off.

After cooling you want to separate the CD into half by using your scissors to cut a tiny slit, then using your nail to separate the two pieces.



You should now have 2 reflective pieces, with one being more transparent than the other. Depending on which disc you use, paint a coat of Mod Podge, or spray a clear sealant before cutting out the shapes. This would help with the chipping and flaking that can occur over time. If you forget this step like I did. You can paint your pieces with a clear nail polish after you cut out the shapes.

Once the cutting is complete, glue the pieces to the collar in any layout you want. Make sure you press firmly on the collar to ensure the pieces will stick.

Leaving the collar to dry after an hour or so you should have something similar to this:



Happy DIY-ing!

If you need a better visual feel free to watch my video for this project on my YouTube channel here.

My Favorite Things

4 Jan

Hey guys! 

Just telling you all to head over to my YouTube channel to check out my new video on my 10 Favorite Things! Its just a little speil about the essential products that I use in my everyday life.

1. Keri Lotion with Shea Butter or the Regular kind – leaves skin feeling moisturized all day
2. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline – great skin protectant
3. Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant Beauty Finish scent – keeps you dry for 48hrs & smells great
4. Rio Rumberry Body Spray by Bath and Body Works (purchased off ebay) – smells like Island Kiss
5. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation # 355 Coconut – don’t apply too much it can make you look orange, but blends great
6. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder # 355 Coconut – applicator breaks away easily, find a backup
7. Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner # 216 Noir – its perfect!
8. VS Pink Lotion Pretty & Pure – smells lovely
9. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo – new product for me smells great
10. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner – keeps hair soft and smooth, make this into a leave in! 

I wont always have a favorites video because I’m really skeptical about trying new products unless I do a lot of research on them before hand. But if you have any recommendations on products that you think I should try feel free to let me know. 

Click me for the video. Haul and Website Review

30 Dec

Hey there!
So I’m currently in the process of creating so many videos for you all. My next vlog post will be about a website called They have sooooo many items on that site it’s crazy! Along with too good to be true prices for designer name brands, I decided to take a chance.

I purchased a Hermes Enamel Bracelet in Black and a pair of Rose Gold Chanel Studs. In the video I’ll be talking about the specs of the site, prices, and shipping. Here are some photos of my two items that I purchased.


I love them!
So head on over to my YouTube channel to watch the review!

Hiatus is Over

27 Dec

Hey everyone! I know its been soo long since I posted, literally over a year! School is still consuming my life but good thing I have one more semester to go, but until then, I’m back in action for sure!

I just want to update you guys on whats going on. I have decided to start a Vlog on YouTube that will coincide with H&H. The vlog will serve as a visual aide toward my posts on here. I’m hoping to gain lots of views and subscriptions from the vlog, to help establish myself a bit more. I’m graduating from college in May and I feel like I need more than just my digital portfolio to serve as my references. I figured the more I blog the better my writing skills can get and I definitely need those skills for fashion public relations. 

It seems like every year I abandon H&H then make a random comeback, but I’m back for sure now. SO head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe! Here’s the link

Year of the Leggings

24 Dec

No pants no problem! This year alone I experienced so many kinds of leggings, it was ridiculous! Check out the variety.














Fall Fave – Baroque Prints

10 Nov


Over the course of this Fall season I’ve fallen in love with baroque prints. “The print plays out in a number of guises with varying degrees of intensity. For the bold, flashy chain prints on leopard spots intertwine with ropes on bomber jackets, elsewhere strikes of swirling black fauna adorn pencil skirts, while baroque tops with softer, ornate rococo swirls flow gently across jersey. The baroque trend isn’t restricted to clothing; with shoes and accessories getting in on the act too and ingenious devore on shoes make for a pretty introduction to the print.” – ELLE UK


Italian designer, Gianni Versace pretty much gave baroque prints a super boost in the fashion world. Here’s some history…

“Baroque’s fashion renaissance popped off in the late 1980s, when Milan-based Gianni Versace turned the Italian artistic tradition into wild pop art, replacing the angels and cherubs of Italian frescos with gold chains, Medusa heads and leopard skins printed on shiny silk. Everything in the Versace moment was big and brash, especially the supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelisita who rocked the bold prints best. ”

Read more:



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